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2011-06-20Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugGDB_BETA_2Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20continue calling dIOCtrlTransfer until avr is doneTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20implement detach and kill command supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20made parser more tolerant of multiple ack/nak symbolsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20added debug_hexutils as source/object file due to armdebug refactoringTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20declared variables and functions as globals for inter-module accessTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20fix typo error in header filenameTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-20include header file for nxt firmware supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-18rearrange parsing order of detach commandTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-18fix silly syntax error for pop instructionTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-18updated comments for detach commandTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-18added detach command supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Detach acts in the same way as Continue (without arguments).
2011-06-18preliminary kill command supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
When GDB Kill command received, reboot the brick. Conditionalize Step command support based on compiler flags.
2011-06-17fix return status check for nx_usb_data_writtenTat-Chee Wan (USM)
The C return value for True is not identical to that used by ARMDEBUG. Check for False instead.
2011-06-16fix condition check in _dbg__sendCommMsg due to c vs. armdebug encodingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
True is encoded as #1 by C Compiler, while ARMDEBUG uses #0xFFFFFFFF. Changed logic test to avoid this problem.
2011-06-16revamped nxos debugger invocation interfaceTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-15renamed routines due to refactoringTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-15made routines global due to refactoringTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-15referenced external variableTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-15use irq_stack_frame_address to access top level interrupted instruction infoTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-15split platform specific code from generic debug codeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Move platform specific routines from debug_stub.S into debug_runlooptasks.S
2011-06-14moved hex conversion routines to its own source fileTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-13commented out redundant instruction in breakpoint processing logicTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-13fix comment for thumb breakpoint macroTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-13disable interrupts when switching from undef handler to debuggerTat-Chee Wan (USM)
NxOS has nested interrupts support. Prevent accidental retriggering of UNDEF handler while processing an existing breakpoint by disabling interrupts until the breakpoint has been restored and the debugger is really ready to handle debug messages.
2011-06-08removed extraneous call to restore_single_stepTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-08fix bug in activate_one_breakpoint where it is clearing the breakpoint ↵Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-08update python paths for nxt-python with fantom supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-06work in progress, cleanup nxos support codeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Zero copy fantom message handling, don't reset fantom_message buffer until message has been examined.
2011-06-05use fantom_init to reset incoming message bufferTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-04work in progress to integrate fantom message filtering for nxosTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Filter Fantom Messages in NxOS usb_isr().
2011-06-03removed obsolete codeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-03updated contents after removing obsolete stuffTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-03Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-06-03removed nxt-python-fantom hack, it is committed upstreamTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-28pass isr return address into nxos debug handlerTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-27added nxos configuration routine to handle debug mode switchingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-27made variables needed by both nxt and nxos unconditionalTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-24fix variable reassignment error where socket s is replaced by segment sTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-23added script to invoke nxt-gdb-server.py with custom nxt-pyton codeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-23Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugGDB_BETA_1Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-23Don't send another ack after responding to ctrl-c from debuggerTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-23don't reset nxtcommchannel in _dbg__comm_readbuf_reset since it is called ↵Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
after each received message
2011-05-23updated comments in headerTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-16Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-16work in progressTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Try to read more bytes than in buffer. Initial Bluetooth code (not working).
2011-05-06Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-06call socket close() to delete nxt object in pyfantomTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-05-05cleaned up debugging outputTat-Chee Wan (USM)