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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2011-05-08digital/*/tools: use robot specific init parametersNicolas Schodet
2011-05-07digital/{ai,io}: move simu test scriptNicolas Schodet
2011-04-30digital/io/tools, host/simu: add robospierreNicolas Schodet
2011-04-30digital/io/tools: move robot specific code to separated fileNicolas Schodet
2011-03-30digital/io: use message type registry, refs #157Nicolas Schodet
2010-05-13digital/asserv, digital/io, host/simu: change gate contact positionNicolas Schodet
2010-05-11digital/{asserv,io}, host/simu/robots/marcel: add gate simulationNicolas Schodet
2010-05-10digital/io: add loader control commandsNicolas Schodet
2010-05-10digital/io: use the clamp commandNicolas Schodet
2010-05-04digital/{io,mimot}: shift once for clamp motorsNicolas Schodet
2010-05-04digital, host/simu: update hardware valuesNicolas Schodet
2010-04-29digital/io/tools: add mimot and actuator support, closes #131Nicolas Schodet
2010-04-23digital/io/src, host/simu: US sensors are looking at the beacon onlyNicolas Schodet
2010-04-13digital/io/tools: add distance sensor dump toolNicolas Schodet
2010-04-07digital/io, host/simu: add position report toolNicolas Schodet
2010-04-07digital/io: forget sharpsNicolas Schodet
2010-04-01digital/io/tools: kill hub before exiting, closes #128Nicolas Schodet
2010-04-01digital/io: wipe-out old robot code, closes #112Nicolas Schodet
2009-12-06digital/{asserv,io}: limit the number of asserv state update, refs #72Nicolas Schodet
2009-10-11host, digital/io/tools, digital/asserv/tools: notify observers on registerNicolas Schodet
2009-05-19 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- inverted finger positions.
2009-05-17 * digital/io/tools, host/simu:Nicolas Schodet
- added contact simulation.
2009-05-17 * digital/io, host/simu:Nicolas Schodet
- added contacts.
2009-05-17 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- use Checkbutton for bi-state controls. - added elevator door control.
2009-05-16 * digital/io/tools:Jérémy Dufour
- correct simulator for 6 shaprs.
2009-05-15 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- added test_simu_control, simulation with extra controls.
2009-05-13 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- added servo commands.
2009-05-13 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- update after trap removal.
2009-05-09 * digital/io/tools/ Haller
- bot's initial position modified
2009-05-05 * digital/io:Nicolas Schodet
- added PWM.
2009-05-03 * host/simu:Nicolas Schodet
- added AquaJim.
2009-04-30 * digital/io/tools, host/simu:Nicolas Schodet
- added distance sensors and obstacles.
2009-04-30 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- use volts instead of hardware unit.
2009-04-30 * host/simu, digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- new simulation infrastructure.
2009-04-25 * all python:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed comment.
2009-04-03 * host/proto, host/inter, digital/asserv, digital/io:Nicolas Schodet
- reverted r693. - no longer count on implicit float to interger conversion.
2009-03-03 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- io.mex can not import mex... waiting for a better solution.
2009-03-03 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- added mex interface.
2009-03-03 * digital/asserv/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- added mex interface. - added proto position observable. - added more documentation.
2009-03-03 * all python:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed missing file headers.
2009-03-03 * all python:Nicolas Schodet
- no longer use sys.path, user should set PYTHONPATH.
2009-03-03 * digital/asserv/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- switched to radians for all interfaces.
2009-02-09 * all python:Nicolas Schodet
- changed tabs to spaces.
2008-06-09 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- added io to test_simu.
2008-06-09 * digital/io/tools:Nicolas Schodet
- added first version of without io.