path: root/digital/io/src/main.h
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2010-05-13digital/io/src: add event queueNicolas Schodet
2010-04-13digital/io/src: add blocking obstacle event, closes #129Nicolas Schodet
2010-04-07digital/io: forget sharpsNicolas Schodet
2010-04-01digital/io/src: use one FSM with several active states, closes #83Nicolas Schodet
2010-04-01digital/io: wipe-out old robot code, closes #112Nicolas Schodet
2009-05-09 * digital/io/src:Nicolas Haller
- First version of init FSM
2008-05-02 * digital/io/src:Nicolas Schodet
- added arm close timeout.
2008-05-01 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add flag for homologation to stop the bot when it finds an obstacle rather than trying to avoid it.
2008-05-01 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- enhance move FSM with support to stop when there is no valid path found to avoid the obstacle ; - add a flag to be notified from the main loop after a certain amount of time.
2008-04-30 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- rewrite the move FSM ; - integrate it into the main loop with the sharp and path module.
2008-04-24 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- when a sub FSM finished, it posts an event for the top FSM which will be notified in the next main loop iteration (rather than the actual one).