path: root/digital/beacon/src/main_avr.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-23digital/beacon: rework main_avr.cFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: add manual calibration taskFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: init buttons for end-devicesFlorent Duchon
2013-04-02digital/beacon: reactivate function in main_avrFlorent Duchon
2013-03-24digital/beacon: rework of main & debug_avr to use common functionsFlorent Duchon
2013-02-13digital/beacon: use common uprintf functionFlorent Duchon
2012-12-24digital/beacon: modify init sequenceFlorent Duchon
2012-05-16digital/beacon: init position structure for COOR deviceFlorent Duchon
2012-05-16digital/beacon: add twi specificFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: calibration task is run automatically at the end of the initFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: add APP_NETWORK_JOIN_REQUEST stateFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: include motor.h into main_avr.cFlorent Duchon
2012-05-04digital/beacon: add motor initialization in the main loopFlorent Duchon
2012-04-21digital/beacon: use different debug files for simu or avr modeFlorent Duchon
2012-04-21digital/beacon: split sensors.* into codewheel.* & laser.* and modify dedicat...Florent Duchon
2012-04-17digital/beacon: clean main_avr.cFlorent Duchon
2012-04-17digital/beacon: add TWI supportFlorent Duchon
2012-04-17digital/beacon: import calibration filesFlorent Duchon
2012-04-17digital/beacon: add laser supportFlorent Duchon
2012-04-17digital/beacon: SYS_PostTask(APL_TASK_ID) is only called once in the main loopFlorent Duchon
2012-04-04digital/beacon: compilation warnings cleaningFlorent Duchon
2012-04-03digital/beacon: add APBTeam twi moduleFlorent Duchon
2012-04-03digital/beacon: avr flashing ruleFlorent Duchon
2012-03-18digital/beacon: import Zigbit stack (bitcloud) & avr sourcesFlorent Duchon