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Propellor needs to stop trying to install haskell-stm on Debian buster or newer (and it should also be dropped from debian/control of course, but that can happen on the Debian side).
+> [[done]] --[[Joey]]
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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+ date="2018-12-04T18:58:48Z"
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+Bootstrap's package installation ignores errors, so if the package is not
+available, it will at worst display an error message and continue.
+However, I went ahead and made it check with apt-cache if the package is
+available, to avoid the user seeing an apt error here.
+I suppose users of Arch and FreeBSD may want to make similar changes, if
+their package managers also display errors; I don't know if they do or even
+if this change is going to affect those distributions.
+Probably better to let those users deal with it if similar changes are made
+to those distributions, so I'm going to close this.