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@@ -41,22 +41,24 @@ stub to go run itself. No need to ever change this part.
hosts :: [Host]
hosts =
[ host ""
- & Apt.stdSourcesList Unstable
+ & os (System (Debian Unstable) "amd64")
+ & Apt.stdSourcesList
, host ""
- & Apt.stdSourcesList Stable
+ & os (System (Debian Stable) "amd64")
+ & Apt.stdSourcesList
& Apt.installed ["ssh"]
This defines a list of hosts, with two hosts in it.
-The configuration for the mybox host tells propellor to configure its
-`/etc/apt/sources.list` to use Debian `Unstable`.
-Of course you might want to change that to `Stable`.
+The configuration for the mybox host first tells propellor what
+OS it's running. Then the `stdSourcesList` line tells propellor to
+configure its `/etc/apt/sources.list`, using its OS.
+(Of course you might want to change that `Unstable` to `Stable`.)
Each property of the host is prefixed with an "&" operator. This just makes
-a list of properties. Above, the first host has only 1 property, while
-the second host has 2 properties.
+a list of properties.
Some other properties you may find in your config.hs, or want to add: