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+Hello, I try to copy a vm image to a directory like this
+ & "/nfs/share-temp/panbox-rel.img" `File.isCopyOf` panboxName
+but when I run this, I get this error message
+ /root/vm/panbox-rel.img owner picca:grp-instrumentation ... done
+ cp: failed to preserve ownership for '/nfs/share-temp/panbox-rel.img.propellor-new~': Operation not permitted
+ ** error: cp failed
+ ** warning: Cannot continue!
+ CallStack (from HasCallStack):
+ error, called at src/Propellor/Message.hs:143:9 in propellor-5.6.0-GGUJL7KihFnDmzjFSP3dov:Propellor.Message
+ /nfs/share-temp/panbox-rel.img is copy of /root/vm/panbox-rel.img ... failed
+I understand thaht it is not possible to use cp --preserve... on the nfs system.
+So is seems that Propellor miss a copyFile whcih is usable also on nfs system :).
+what is the best way to solve this problem.
+I can copy the file without the preserve flag.