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Propellor is configured via a git repository, which typically lives
in `~/.propellor/` on your development machine. Propellor clones the
-repository to each host it manages, in a [[secure|security]] way.
+repository to each host it manages, in a
+[secure]( way.
To trigger propellor to run on a host, run `propellor --spin $host`.
Or run `/usr/local/propellor/propellor` on the host. Or use the
@@ -21,6 +22,9 @@ the full power of Haskell. Hopefully that power can be put to good use in
making declarative properties that are powerful, nicely idempotent, and
easy to adapt to a system's special needs!
+If using Haskell to configure Propellor seems intimidating,
+see [configuration_for_the_Haskell_newbie](
## quick start
1. Get propellor installed