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-* Need a way to run an action when a property changes, but only
- run it once for the whole. For example, may want to restart apache,
- but only once despite many config changes being made to satisfy
- properties. onChange is a poor substitute.
-* Display of docker container properties is a bit wonky. It always
- says they are unchanged even when they changed and triggered a
- reprovision.
-* Should properties be a tree rather than a list?
-* Need a way for a dns server host to look at the properties of
- the other hosts and generate a zone file. For example, mapping
- to a CNAME to, which is where
- the docker container for that service is located. Moving containers
- to a different host, or duplicating a container on multiple hosts
- would then update DNS too
-* There is no way for a property of a docker container to require
- some property be met outside the container. For example, some servers
- need ntp installed for a good date source.
-* Docking a container in a host should add to the host any cnames that
- are assigned to the container.
-* Either `Ssh.hostKey` should set the sshPubKey attr
- (which seems hard, as attrs need to be able to be calculated without
- running any IO code, and here IO is needed along with decrypting the
- PrivData..), or the public key should not be stored in
- the PrivData, and instead configured using the attr.
- Getting the ssh host key into the attr will allow automatically
- exporting it via DNS (SSHFP record)
-* Should be possible to generate a metapackage of all packages that
- properties direct apt to install. Then any other packages can be
- auto-removed. This would just be a matter of storing the apt-installed
- packages in an Attr. Although not removing essential and base packages
- could be problimatic.