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deprecate attic and obnam
* Attic module is deprecated and will warn when used. Attic is no longer available in Debian and appears to have been mostly supersceded by Borg. * Obnam module is deprecated and will warn when used. Obnam has been retired by its author. Keeping the modules in propellor for now; propellor supports debian oldstable which still has attic in it, and obnam is not gone yet. This commit was sponsored by Francois Marier on Patreon.
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-- | Support for the Obnam backup tool <>
+-- This module is deprecated because Obnam has been retired by its
+-- author.
-module Propellor.Property.Obnam where
+module Propellor.Property.Obnam {-# DEPRECATED "Obnam has been retired; time to transition to something else" #-} where
import Propellor.Base
import qualified Propellor.Property.Apt as Apt