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show example why atomicDirSync needs to be separate property
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@@ -144,7 +144,17 @@ checkDirLink d rp = liftIO $ do
-- Using atomicDirSync in the above example lets git only download
-- the changes once, rather than the same changes being downloaded a second
-- time to update the other copy of the directory the next time propellor
--- runs.
+-- runs
+-- Suppose that a web server program is run from the git repository,
+-- and needs to be restarted after the pull. That restart should be done
+-- after the atomicDirUpdate, but before the atomicDirSync. That way,
+-- the old web server process will not have its files changed out from
+-- under it.
+-- > & atomicDirUpdate "/srv/web/"
+-- > (\d -> Git.pulled "joey" "http://.." d Nothing)
+-- > `onChange` (webServerRestart `before` atomicDirSync "/srv/web/")
atomicDirSync :: FilePath -> Property (DebianLike + ArchLinux)
atomicDirSync d = syncDir (activeAtomicResource rp) (inactiveAtomicResource rp)