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-propellor 5.6.0 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
-[[!toggleable text="""
- * withOS had a type level bug that allowed ensureProperty to be used inside
- it with a Property that does not match the type of the withOS itself.
- (API change)
- The fix may cause some of your valid uses of withOS to no longer type
- check; the best way to work around that is to use pickOS to pick between
- several properties that are further specialized using withOS.
- For an example of how to do that, see the source code to
- Propellor.Property.Borg.installed
- * Propellor.Property.Cron.runPropellor is a Property DebianLike; it was
- incorrectly a Property UnixLike before and that wrong type was hidden by
- the withOS bug.
- * Some openbsd portability fixes. Thanks, rsiddharth.
- * Added Libvirt module. Thanks, Sean Whitton.
- * When bootstrapping on Debian, libghc-stm-dev may not be available,
- as it's become part of ghc, so check before trying to install it.
- * Fix build with ghc 8.6.3.
- * Avoid exposing the constructor of OuterMetaTypesWitness, to avoid
- the kind of mistake that led to the withOS bug.
- * Merged Utility changes from git-annex.
- * Fix --spin crash when ~/.ssh/ directory did not already exist."""]] \ No newline at end of file
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+propellor 5.9.1 released with [[!toggle text="these changes"]]
+[[!toggleable text="""
+ * Apt: Debian has changed the name of the suite for testing security updates
+ from testing to testing-security.
+ * Apt: Also the suite for stable releases from bullseye on will be
+ suffixed with "-security".
+ * Apt.update: Pass --allow-releaseinfo-change when updating Unstable
+ or Testing, so that code name changes that happen in those suites
+ during a stable release don't prevent updating the rolling suites.
+ * Systemd.machined: Fix a bug that caused the systemd-container package
+ to not be installed when used with Debian buster."""]] \ No newline at end of file