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+ motor/control_system module
+:Author: Nicolas Schodet
+This module will bind together several layers of motor control modules. It
+aims at helping sequencing them in the right order to meets real time
+constrains and state changes sequence required order.
+You should use one of `control_system_single_t` for a single motor system, or
+`control_system_polar_t` for a dual motor differential robot configuration.
+The encoder and output structures should be initialised and their pointers be
+set before the `control_system_*_init` is called.
+The `control_system_*_update_prepare` function should be called right before
+you wait for the next cycle, but after you made changes to consigns. Once the
+next cycle start, as fast as possible, you should first update encoders, then
+call the `control_system_*_update` function, and finally update outputs.
+This is important that consigns (and control state) are not changed between
+update preparation and update, because the update function is also responsible
+to reset some internal variables when state is changed.
+.. include:: control_system.exd