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+ AVR Modules Introduction
+:Author: Ni
+AVR modules is a set of small and simple reusable modules to make it easier to
+program a robot using AVR microcontrollers.
+It is currently only tested under Linux, using the GCC compiler for both host
+and target compilation.
+If you are running Debian, you will need:
+- gcc-avr,
+- avr-libc,
+- gcc, make and other classic development packages...
+And you will probably need:
+- avrdude, to program the AVR chips,
+- gdb-avr and avarice, if you plan to use a JTAG connection,
+- simulavr to run simulated algorithms.
+This directory is populated with general documentation. You can find further
+help in the modules directories and in the source code.