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2009-04-13Version 3 contains bug correction and improvements. Pierre Prot
- Added serial resistor on SPI_CS - Changed output capacitors for +5V and +10V (was ceramic, ESR was too low and regulator was unstable ; now : it is aluminium, ESR is ok) - Moved HE10 contacts from PA5/PA6 to PD4/PD5. Now it is muxed with VREF_L and VREF_R outputs. They shall be read at boot time, before being set as PWM outputs - Added signal LIM_L_A and LIM_R_A to the CPU. This is to be used for MOSFET driving during current limitation - Modified text
2008-03-04 * analog/alim/pcb, analog/motor-power-avr/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- replaced polyswitch.
2008-02-29Changed the LDO regulation :Pierre Prot
- LM2931 replaced from 5V version to ADJ version - PWR_LED moved
2008-01-29Modifications de valeurs de résistances et capas uniquement Pierre Prot
(uniformisation au standard)
2007-12-13 * analog/motor-power-avr/pcb:Nicolas Schodet
- small fixes.
2007-12-10 * analog/motor-power-avr:Nicolas Schodet
- Some corrections (prot).
2007-12-10 * analog/motor-power-avr:Nicolas Schodet
- After second peer review (added I2C, corrected micromatch, ...) (prot).
2007-11-16 * analog/motor-power-avr:Nicolas Schodet
- first full release (prot).
2007-11-12 * analog/motor-power-avr:Nicolas Schodet
- work on connectors and routing.
2007-11-06 * analog/motor-power-avr:Nicolas Schodet
- initial version from prot.