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2008-03-27Update current limitation to rise an IT on falling edge and no longerGuillaume Chevillot
at low level.
2008-03-26 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added generic states template.
2008-03-25 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed warning in doc. - fixed missing newline. - added use of non default templates. - added warning about parser.g. - removed .orig file when patching.
2008-03-25 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- better blocked state handling, now deactivate all motor control on blocking.
2008-03-24FSM for the gutter.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-24Update the FSM for the getsamples.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-22Update the makefile file.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-22Update the getsamples FSM to go to the distributor, take the samples and Nélio Laranjeiro
take samples...
2008-03-22 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- fix English typo in EEPROM and servo comments (thanks to ni for the remarks).
2008-03-22 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add EEPROM command over UART protocol to: - save current configuration; - invalidate current configuration.
2008-03-22 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add servo/trap commands over UART protocol to: - control the position of a servo motor (servo); - setup the configuration of vertical and horizontal position (trap); - open a path to a desired box (trap).
2008-03-22 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add a function to configure position (vertical/horizontal) of a trapdoor.
2008-03-22 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- fix a bug in setting pins direction (use DDR rather than PORT for setting the pins direction (thanks to ni)).
2008-03-22 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- compute the number of TIC of a servos update cycle (rather than using a pre-defined one).
2008-03-22 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- use the helper macro set_bit where needed.
2008-03-22 * digital/avr/modules/utilsJérémy Dufour
- add an helper macro to set a bit to 1 in a byte.
2008-03-22Removed the loadsample fsm, it is integretated with the getsamples FSM.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-20Correct an inversion in current limitation interrupt vectors.Guillaume Chevillot
Now left side is correctly on the left side and vice-versa.
2008-03-20Update "LED Flash" function to show a reboot more explicitely :Guillaume Chevillot
LEDs on 0.25s and after LEDs off 0.25s instead off LEDs on 0.5s
2008-03-20- Current limitation set command to High-Z so to be coherent turn on LEDs Guillaume Chevillot
instead - Do not set back interrupts in current limitation IT because it is continuously called when we are in limitation
2008-03-19 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add trap module (not integrated in the io program); - add eeprom module to support load/store parameters (for the trap module); - partial integration of eeprom in the io program.
2008-03-19 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add servo module (not integrated yet in the io program).
2008-03-19 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- undefined macro after usage in header file (switch.h).
2008-03-19Added the dfagen file for the FSM loadsamples. This is a first shoot, Nélio Laranjeiro
it is not complete.
2008-03-19Removed generated files from the repository.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-19First dfagen for the getsamples fsm. This is only a first shoot, all the Nélio Laranjeiro
transitions are not presents.
2008-03-17 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added dfagen.
2008-03-16Try to fill the ia functions.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-16 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added AMAX32GHP model. - fixed missing voltage multiplication. - added support for separated encoders. - model reorganisation. - fixed counters drift.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/models:Nicolas Schodet
- added AMAX32GHP model.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added auxiliary motor position and speed control.
2008-03-14 * digital/avr/modules/proto:Nicolas Schodet
- added 6 words send.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- moved speed control state to structures.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- moved position control parameters to a structure.
2008-03-13Fixed current limit PWM generationGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-13 * digital/avr/modules/flash:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed erase command. - fixed init (actually, SR should be cleared). - merged all tests in one.
2008-03-13 * digital/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added counter test program and hdl file.
2008-03-13 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed bug in external counters, did not save old value.
2008-03-13- Add current limitation management (not tested yet !) :Guillaume Chevillot
- Add current limitation PWM generation - Add external current limitation interrupts management - Update current limitation software part - Update TODO list (try to reduce it...)
2008-03-13Flash module...Nélio Laranjeiro
Still a problem with the write array...
2008-03-13 * digital/asserv/src/hdlcounter:Nicolas Schodet
- added used pin on asserv schematic.
2008-03-12Add some measurementsGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-11 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add switch module to manage the jack and color selector.
2008-03-11 * digital/io/src/asservJérémy Dufour
- use pointer for parameter in and out (thanks to ni).
2008-03-11 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added missing parameter print.
2008-03-11 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added auxiliary motor to counter and simu. - simu needs some rewrite as counters are no longer on the motor axis.
2008-03-10 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added auxiliary motor state and PWM.
2008-03-10 * digital/dev/doc:Nicolas Schodet
- small typo.
2008-03-10 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added a parameter for acknowledgement speed.
2008-03-10Premier jet : description du 2nd algo de génération PWMPierre Prot