AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2008-03-17 * tools/dfagen:Nicolas Schodet
- added dfagen.
2008-03-16Try to fill the ia functions.Nélio Laranjeiro
2008-03-16 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added AMAX32GHP model. - fixed missing voltage multiplication. - added support for separated encoders. - model reorganisation. - fixed counters drift.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/models:Nicolas Schodet
- added AMAX32GHP model.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added auxiliary motor position and speed control.
2008-03-14 * digital/avr/modules/proto:Nicolas Schodet
- added 6 words send.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- moved speed control state to structures.
2008-03-14 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- moved position control parameters to a structure.
2008-03-13Fixed current limit PWM generationGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-13 * digital/avr/modules/flash:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed erase command. - fixed init (actually, SR should be cleared). - merged all tests in one.
2008-03-13 * digital/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added counter test program and hdl file.
2008-03-13 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed bug in external counters, did not save old value.
2008-03-13- Add current limitation management (not tested yet !) :Guillaume Chevillot
- Add current limitation PWM generation - Add external current limitation interrupts management - Update current limitation software part - Update TODO list (try to reduce it...)
2008-03-13Flash module...Nélio Laranjeiro
Still a problem with the write array...
2008-03-13 * digital/asserv/src/hdlcounter:Nicolas Schodet
- added used pin on asserv schematic.
2008-03-12Add some measurementsGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-11 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add switch module to manage the jack and color selector.
2008-03-11 * digital/io/src/asservJérémy Dufour
- use pointer for parameter in and out (thanks to ni).
2008-03-11 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added missing parameter print.
2008-03-11 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added auxiliary motor to counter and simu. - simu needs some rewrite as counters are no longer on the motor axis.
2008-03-10 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added auxiliary motor state and PWM.
2008-03-10 * digital/dev/doc:Nicolas Schodet
- small typo.
2008-03-10 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added a parameter for acknowledgement speed.
2008-03-10Premier jet : description du 2nd algo de génération PWMPierre Prot
2008-03-10Correct a bug in 'r' and 'l' command that resulted of a inverted value of ↵Guillaume Chevillot
PWM for '1' direction
2008-03-10Use of "Fast PWM" mode rather than "normal" mode for PWM timersGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-10*Glups* So many thngs to do...Guillaume Chevillot
2008-03-10- Add support of 'w' commandGuillaume Chevillot
- 'r' command works correctly now
2008-03-10 * digital/io/src/asservJérémy Dufour
- implement functions to receive and handle the ''shared'' status buffer between asserv and io; - implement functions for the upper layer (io) to get the status of the asserv board; - comments improvements and corrections.
2008-03-10 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
* correct a few bugs in the asserv module (thanks to ni): - return a positive value; - use the LSB part for the distance and X/Y positions; - update todo.
2008-03-10 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- add ''public'' API to update and get the status of the asserv board.
2008-03-10 * digital/io/srcJérémy Dufour
- remove useless enum in asserv module.
2008-03-09Tested the init function.Nélio Laranjeiro
Tested the write (flash_write) Tested the read (flash_read)
2008-03-09 * digital/ioJérémy Dufour
- add asserv communication implementation (not fully completed); - correct a few English errors in asserv module (header and documentation); - add main timer to repeat the main loop every 4.444 ms; - add build system.
2008-03-09 * digital/ioJérémy Dufour
- add README for the io board; - create ''public'' API to communicate with the asserv board using TWI; - correct english error in documentation.
2008-03-09 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed headers.
2008-03-09 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- fixed typo in comments.
2008-03-09 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- cleaned up, separated compilation. - prepared auxialliary motor control.
2008-03-09 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- cleaned up counter.
2008-03-09 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- modification for host compilation.
2008-03-08 * analog/motor-power-avr/src:Nicolas Schodet
- right channel source files autogeneration.
2008-03-07- We can now send a command to have a PWM above 50%, let's go to the highway...Guillaume Chevillot
- Remove of a not needed cast
2008-03-07 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- added temporary test TWI commands.
2008-03-07 * digital/avr/modules/twi/test:Nicolas Schodet
- added commands to send and receive a variable number of bytes.
2008-03-07 * digital/asserv/src/asserv:Nicolas Schodet
- call twi_proto from main.
2008-03-07Stop right side too a 'z' command (remove of a forgotten comment)Guillaume Chevillot
2008-03-07Make command to High-Z state worksGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-07Add R side serial command handlingGuillaume Chevillot
2008-03-07 * digital/io/docJérémy Dufour
- change word abbreviation (w) to byte (b).
2008-03-07 * digital/dev/doc:Nicolas Schodet
- precision about usbprog.