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-*Title: Module AVR Utilitaires
-*Author: Ni
+ Utils AVR module
+:Author: Nicolas Schodet
-* Doc
-*File: utils.exd
+This module provides general purpose utilities.
+Byte packing/unpacking
+Theses functions are here to override bad code production with avr-gcc with the
+classic shift idiom.
+Functions which unpack from a large type to a smaller type take a ``pos``
+parameter which is the position of the byte or word to extract from the large
+type. Small values are for LSB. For example, ``v32_to_v8 (a, 0)`` will
+extract the least significant byte from ``a``.
+Functions which pack from a small type to a larger type take as many small
+type values as needed to fill the large type number. The first argument is
+the MSB. For example, ``v8_to_v32 (0x12, 0x34, 0x56, 0x78)`` will return
+.. include:: utils.exd