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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2011-03-19added r1 read commandTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-18updated libusb version info, fixed checksum error in setonereg exampleTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-17added length check for gdb commandTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15dont add newline to debug messageTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15fix scoping error for data variableTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15added support for blocking libusb, ignore some errors for usb sendTat-Chee Wan (USM)
LibUSB 0.12.x on Linux blocks on receive(). Ignore No Errors for send().
2011-02-23fixed syntax error for appending stringsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-22fixed scoping issue when referring to local routineTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-22added hand coded gdb server commands for testingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21fix boolean and operator syntaxTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21fix syntax errors in python scriptTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-01-24cleanup syntaxTC Wan
2011-01-18in reassemble, avoid busy wait for messages when no messages are pendingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-01-17fixed python syntax errors, cleanupTC Wan
2011-01-14modify server to accept and reassemble segmented messages from nxtTC Wan
2011-01-10updatex server to handle segmentation to nxt and message boundary checkingTC Wan
2011-01-04added segment_no support logic to receive routineTC Wan
2011-01-04adjusted nxt message to 3 byte header formatTC Wan
Adjusted NXT Message Header to use 3 byte header format to support future expansion of multi-segmented GDB messages. This is not used at this moment.
2011-01-04updated required libs versions to use pyusb 0.4.xTC Wan
Need to use PyUSB 0.4.x instead of the newer 1.0x version since the new version is not stable yet.
2011-01-04added basic readmeTC Wan
2011-01-04removed external packages from repositoryTC Wan
The external dependencies are expected to be provided via system installed libraries.
2011-01-04added some diagnostics output messagesTC Wan
2011-01-04added python nxt gdb-server interfaceTC Wan
2011-01-04removed libnxt dependency, building requires libusb-legacy on macosxTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2010-12-22added libnxt as a dependent libraryTC Wan
Added libnxt as a dependent library instead of using system provided package. This is mainly due to the difficulty in getting libnxt installed using MacPorts.