path: root/Debugger/debug_stub.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-20updated bitmasks and debugger stack contents descriptionUSER_STACKTC Wan
2010-12-20switch to static inline to avoid multiple definitionsTC Wan
2010-12-17use defines instead of hardcoding constants for breakpoint instructionTC Wan
2010-12-16correct name of steve furber's bookTC Wan
2010-12-16fix undef handler instruction address calculation, arm7 does not recognize bk...TC Wan
2010-12-14fix compile errorsTC Wan
2010-12-14fix compile errorsTC Wan
2010-12-14fixed compilation errors in nxos, added condition code parser tableTC Wan
2010-12-02changed the license clause, misc cleanupsTC Wan
2010-12-01fix undef_handler, initial design for next instruction decodeTC Wan
2010-12-01restructure repositoryTC Wan