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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2010-12-20updated bitmasks and debugger stack contents descriptionUSER_STACKTC Wan
2010-12-15added stub routines for debug_procsetregs and debug_procsetoneregTC Wan
2010-12-15added arm condition code check routineTC Wan
2010-12-14checking condition code check routineTC Wan
Work In Progress: Condition Code checks
2010-12-14fix compile errorsTC Wan
2010-12-14fixed compilation errors in nxos, added condition code parser tableTC Wan
Fixed compilation error in nxos Work in Progress: added condition code parser table, instruction parser table
2010-12-02added instruction decode tablesTC Wan
Work in Progress
2010-12-02changed the license clause, misc cleanupsTC Wan
The armdebug project is now dual licensed to make it easier to integrate with the LEGO NXT firmware. You can choose either to use the GPLv2 or the LEGO Open Source License to integrate this into other projects. Misc cleanups: Removed types.h Moved Debugger Macros into its own file to improve readability. Added COPYING, LEGO license and GPL license texts.
2010-12-01fix undef_handler, initial design for next instruction decodeTC Wan
Fixed error in handling Thumb instructions in undef_handler. Initial Design for Next Instruction Decoding
2010-12-01restructure repositoryTC Wan