path: root/AT91SAM7S256/Source/stdconst.h
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2010-09-07add config to include introNicolas Schodet
This makes it possible to remove the long introduction animation. It also save some flash space.
2010-08-20gcc: add __ramdata definitionNicolas Schodet
Data used in RAM functions should also be stored in RAM. This definition is needed because gcc will place static data which are never modified to .rodata section.
2010-08-20gcc: add __ramfunc definitionNicolas Schodet
Functions which can be executed during flash programming (this include interrupts) should not be stored in flash. They are copied to RAM at startup. Also disable jump table generation for switch statements as those are stored in .rodata section (which is in flash).
2010-08-20gcc: patch *.txt data files, with minimum impact on sourcesNicolas Schodet
gcc do not allow to store a structure containing a flexible array member in an array. Also, sizeof (s), with s a structure containing a flexible array member will return the offset of the flexible array member, not the actual size. This patch handle those problems with minimum impact on sources.
2010-08-19import firmware from LEGO v1.29lego-1.29legoNicolas Schodet
2010-08-19import firmware from LEGO v1.05lego-1.05Nicolas Schodet