path: root/AT91SAM7S256/Source/c_cmd.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-04Merge branch 'jch-import' into jch-mergeNicolas Schodet
2011-07-04ARROP fixes for floating point arraysafanofosc
2011-07-04Added a new random number generator system call (RandomEx)afanofosc
2011-07-04Added position regulation mode (Nicolas Schodet)John Hansen
2011-07-04More stripped optionstcsadmin
2011-07-04Added support for seeking in files that are open for both reading and writing.tcsadmin
2011-07-04motor control and rs485 changesJohn Hansen
2011-07-04Fixed a couple hi-speed port problemstcsadmin
2011-07-04NBCNXC_131John Hansen
2011-07-04Added memory manager system calltcsadmin
2011-07-04whitespace changestcsadmin
2011-07-04opcode changes/fixestcsadmin
2011-07-04fixed stringtonum bugsjhansen
2011-07-04comment changejhansen
2011-07-04git-svn-id: https://mindboards.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mindboards/lms_nbc...jhansen
2011-02-09provide access to the maximum speed and acceleration from user code and iomapNicolas Schodet
2011-01-27add output optionsJohn Hansen
2011-01-21replace many array indexes with pointer accessJohn Hansen
2011-01-21use float instead of double when possibleJohn Hansen
2011-01-21add support for native executableJohn Hansen
2010-08-19import firmware from LEGO v1.29lego-1.29legoNicolas Schodet
2010-08-19import firmware from LEGO v1.05lego-1.05Nicolas Schodet