path: root/AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/Include
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-02-22forgot to remove unconditional initialization and breakpoint invocationTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-14made debugger conditionalTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2010-12-23invoke thumb breakpoint for testingTC Wan
2010-12-21initialize debuggerTC Wan
2010-12-21invoke armdebg undef handler in vector table, initialized abort stackTC Wan
2010-08-20gcc: disable C++ constructors callNicolas Schodet
2010-08-20gcc: disable remaping autodetectionNicolas Schodet
2010-08-20gcc: fix reset vector jumpNicolas Schodet
2010-08-20gcc: import Cstartup.S from winarmNicolas Schodet
2010-08-20gcc: use standard AT91SAM7S256 definitionsNicolas Schodet
2010-08-20gcc: do not set section for low level initialisationNicolas Schodet
2010-08-19import firmware from LEGO v1.29lego-1.29legoNicolas Schodet
2010-08-19import firmware from LEGO v1.05lego-1.05Nicolas Schodet