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2012-09-05Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tcwan/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Reupdate README in master ARMDEBUG repository.
2012-09-05updated readme file with newer dependenciesTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2012-09-05Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tcwan/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Updated ARMDEBUG routines to explicitly define .type for function entry poin to support newer binutils
2012-09-05updated arm function label declarations to use .type directive for interworkingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Newer binutils (>2.21) does not handle interworking correctly if the .type directive is not used for ARM functions. The fix is to add a private copy of the arm_interwork macro to the debugger stub to avoid this issue when calling ARM routines from Thumb (used by NIF).
2012-09-03clean up doxygen warningsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2012-08-10Merge branch 'master' of github.com:tcwan/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
fixed spurious errors due to direct reference to usb module on osx
2012-08-10automated python version invocation for cross-platform supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2012-08-10modified exception handler to remove extraneous error message when pyfantom ↵Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
is used Don't explicitly access usb module since it may not be loaded on Mac OS X.
2012-04-02Fixed Doxygen comment syntaxTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2012-02-15pyusb still needed for linuxTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Keep pyusb dependency
2012-02-15updated readme and environment test scriptTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Updated README with latest information Modified test script to use Apple's recommended method for invoking 32-bit python
2012-02-11enable armdebug compilation by defaultNicolas Schodet
2012-02-11Merge branch 'master'Nicolas Schodet
Conflicts: AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/Include/Cstartup.S AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/Include/sam7s256.c AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/gcc/Makefile AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/gcc/nxt.ld AT91SAM7S256/Source/c_comm.c AT91SAM7S256/Source/c_comm.h
2012-02-11do not reserve space for stacks if armdebug is disabledNicolas Schodet
2012-02-11make armdebug compilation conditionalNicolas Schodet
Set ARMDEBUG to y in the Makefile to enable armdebug compilation.
2012-02-11merge armdebug rc1Tat-Chee Wan
This enables the use of GDB or GDB based debuggers to debug the code running on the NXT brick using the USB connection.
2012-02-08Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2012-02-08do not use pyfantom when not availableTat-Chee Wan (USM)
(From Nicolas Schodet)
2012-01-19Update launcher scriptTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-08-12Merge branch 'master' of ssh.git.ni.fr.eu.org:tcwan/nxt-firmwareTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-08-12enabled armdebug abort handling vectorsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-08-11added debug information to elf fileTC Wan
2011-08-09gcc: add debug informationNicolas Schodet
2011-08-08script to invoke nxtgdbserver from eclipseGDB_RC_1Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
Script for invoking nxt-gdb-server.py via Eclipse External Tools Launcher
2011-08-08updated makefile for new armdebug featuresTat-Chee Wan (USM)
New ARMDEBUG with Data and Prefetch Abort Exception support, better integration with Eclipse CDT Debugger, more refactoring to isolate generic code from project dependent code.
2011-08-08Merge branch 'master' of ssh://svc.cs.usm.my/~/gitrepo-bare/armdebugTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-08-08added eclipse external builder support for building nxt-firmwareTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-08-08updated eclipse project file for cdt debugging supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-08-08companion patch to 3da40837f44584e84a10f90291dcecfe613b9618Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
The original patch from Nicolas Schodet didn't apply cleanly. Manually fixed up Makefile and nxt.ld
2011-08-08gcc: add support for unwinderNicolas Schodet
The unwinder is not really wanted, but it can be included on some version of gcc. In this case, it needs some special sections and the abort function.
2011-08-06gcc: add support for unwinderNicolas Schodet
The unwinder is not really wanted, but it can be included on some version of gcc. In this case, it needs some special sections and the abort function.
2011-08-03recheckin with tab-space cleanupTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-08-03exit after gdb client disconnect in nowait modeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Nowait mode (Eclipse IDE unattended invocation) should exit once the GDB client disconnects, to avoid the attempt to reattach to the NXT if it has shut down.
2011-07-28cleanup exception handling to check for valid brick objectARMDEBUG_RC1Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
Check for valid brick object before accessing it.
2011-07-28cleanup socket if user exception caughtTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Close socket when CTRL-C pressed by user, to avoid Fantom driver errors on subsequent invocations
2011-07-22provide verbose, nowait options for invoking nxt-gdb-serverTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Default is non-verbose, wait when invoking nxt-gdb-server. Allow nowait option to enable Eclipse external tool launching
2011-07-20disable setting of fpscr dummy registerTC Wan
Updated comments related to register manipulatuion
2011-07-20updated comments for fp reg processing, set one reg logicTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Updated comments related to set one register, fixed logic for updating dummy FP registers
2011-07-20revised get register logicTat-Chee Wan (USM)
GDB will query for CPSR register value explicitly. Return dummy values for FP0-FP7, FPSCR
2011-07-20fix register usage clobbered by revised output macrosTat-Chee Wan (USM)
R3 was clobbered by buffer output macros. Don't use R3 to store important data.
2011-07-20refactoring of message copying macrosTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Cleaned up macros used to copy debug messages to output buffers
2011-07-20fix register corruption when using setstate macroTat-Chee Wan (USM)
We must preserve R0 and R1 which are destroyed by the setstate macro.
2011-07-20implement query current thread supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-07-18added explicit wait for nxt brick to be ready before client connectionTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Python startup delay may be incurred where the GDB Client connection retransmits requests since no reply has been received from the NXT brick. This causes GDB to go out of sync.
2011-07-13remote autobreakpoint code from master branchTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Autobreakpoint support is not robust. It is removed from the master branch. The autobreakpoint_stub branch contains the old autobreakpoint code.
2011-07-12conditionally exclude dead code from breakpoint handling logicTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-07-12fix register corruption in __dbg__iterate_breakpoint_arrayTat-Chee Wan (USM)
Handler routine corrupts register used by __dbg__iterate_breakpoint_array. Added comments to indicate entry and exit register state for breakpoint related routines.
2011-07-12return lowecase hex chars to avoid conflict with gdb error responseTat-Chee Wan (USM)
GDB error response starts with E NN, which can be triggered if the hex value starts with an E digit. Use lowercase hex digits to avoid this conflict.
2011-07-12avoid endless loop in test_arm_2 routineTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-07-12use r3 in test_arm_3 to avoid clobbering r2Tat-Chee Wan (USM)