AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-03-21disabled nxos compilation for nowNXTFIRMWARE_BUILDTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-21fix syntax errors, thumb mode constant issuesTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-19implemented memory write command, renumbered error messagesTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-19added read memory commandTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-19added r1 read commandTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-18second attempt at determining whether we are in debug modeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-18status flags ares not consisent after popTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-18we cannot use immediate operands for and in thumb modeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-18we should only invoke bkpt in ccommhandledebug in normal operation modeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-18fixed incorrect parameter lengths for setoneregTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-18updated libusb version info, fixed checksum error in setonereg exampleTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-17added length check for gdb commandTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15specify 4-byte alignment explicitly to avoid assembler issueTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15dont add newline to debug messageTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15fix scoping error for data variableTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15added support for blocking libusb, ignore some errors for usb sendTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15buffer pointer variable not accessible from debug_stub moduleTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-15misc bugfixes for gdb message parsing and error reportingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-14must preserve lr in routineTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-14updatedTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-08added authors fileTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-08python fantom wrapper using ctypesTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-03fixed some logical errors wrt fantom status handlingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-03changed cpp object method call parameters to specific c typesTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-02Added simple README to list folders contentsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-02wipTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-02added more template codeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-01updated to handle fantom i386 only lib issue, framework linkingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-01modified module name to pyfantomTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-01added pyfantom python module, renamed .cp to .cpp, add setup.pyTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-01updated ignore list for xcode build stuffTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-01added fantom module for pythonTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-01added initial fantom glue to nxt-python, and fantom external moduleTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-03-01Imported nxt-python baseline (v2.1.0)Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-23fixed syntax error for appending stringsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-22fixed scoping issue when referring to local routineTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-22added hand coded gdb server commands for testingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-22refactored to use gcc generated veneer for arm-thumb interworkingTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21fix boolean and operator syntaxTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21fix syntax errors in python scriptTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21fixed debugger waitcmd loop to not check indefinitely for messagesTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21return from dbg__bkpt_init using bx lr since we may have been called from thu...Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21forgot to update _dbg__usb_readbuf_reset routine callsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21we can't use teq for true value since it is 32-bitsTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21more refactory to support nxt firmware, cleanup codeTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-21checkin refactored code for nxt firmware supportTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-14made _copy_msg_to_usbbuf conditional since we need different logic for nxt fi...Tat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-14initial nxt firmware support hooksTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-02-11added preliminary run loop separationTat-Chee Wan (USM)
2011-01-24cleanup syntaxTC Wan