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authorTC Wan2010-12-02 10:23:37 +0800
committerTC Wan2010-12-02 10:23:37 +0800
commit825dba78c19d206f765a61506851a3cebf4cffb8 (patch)
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changed the license clause, misc cleanups
The armdebug project is now dual licensed to make it easier to integrate with the LEGO NXT firmware. You can choose either to use the GPLv2 or the LEGO Open Source License to integrate this into other projects. Misc cleanups: Removed types.h Moved Debugger Macros into its own file to improve readability. Added COPYING, LEGO license and GPL license texts.
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diff --git a/Debugger/undef_handler.S b/Debugger/undef_handler.S
index 34bca92..385bf0c 100644
--- a/Debugger/undef_handler.S
+++ b/Debugger/undef_handler.S
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
.extern dbg__thumb_bkpt_handler
.extern dbg__arm_bkpt_handler
+ .extern default_undef_handler
.global undef_handler
@@ -69,5 +70,3 @@ _is_arm:
mov pc, lr /* Invoke Debugger State (Supervisor Mode) */
- b default_undef_handler /* Infinite loop */