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authorTat-Chee Wan (USM)2011-07-13 07:50:49 +0800
committerTat-Chee Wan (USM)2011-07-13 07:50:49 +0800
commitb14d454a454ffc35a94c3f99e176c40a68b31c0f (patch)
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remote autobreakpoint code from master branch
Autobreakpoint support is not robust. It is removed from the master branch. The autobreakpoint_stub branch contains the old autobreakpoint code.
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diff --git a/Debugger/debug_stub.h b/Debugger/debug_stub.h
index 11b348e..6807ac1 100644
--- a/Debugger/debug_stub.h
+++ b/Debugger/debug_stub.h
@@ -34,12 +34,12 @@
#define BKPT32_ENUM_MASK 0x000FFF0F /* ARM BKPT Enum Mask */
-#define BKPT32_AUTO_BKPT 0x00080000 /* ARM BKPT Auto-Step Flag (for CONT support) */
+#define BKPT32_AUTO_BKPT 0x00080000 /* RESERVED: ARM BKPT Auto-Step Flag (for CONT support) */
#define BKPT32_MANUAL_BKPT 0x0007FF0F /* Manually inserted ARM Breakpoint */
#define BKPT16_INSTR 0xBE00 /* Thumb BKPT instruction */
#define BKPT16_ENUM_MASK 0x00FF /* Thumb BKPT Enum Mask */
-#define BKPT16_AUTO_BKPT 0x0080 /* Thumb BKPT Auto-Step Flag (for CONT support) */
+#define BKPT16_AUTO_BKPT 0x0080 /* RESERVED: Thumb BKPT Auto-Step Flag (for CONT support) */
#define BKPT16_MANUAL_BKPT 0x007F /* Manually inserted Thumb Breakpoint */