Pyfantom is a Python wrapper for the LEGO Mindstorms Fantom Driver.
The Fantom Driver is available for Mac OSX and Windows, from:

Pyfantom exposes the routines for interfacing to the LEGO Mindstorms NXT
using python applications.

The Fantom API is documented in the Fantom SDK 1.0.x available from the same
site as the LEGO Fantom Drivers.

Requirements (Mac OSX)

 * Python 2.6.x (Mac OSX default), or Python 2.7 Universal Build (MacPorts)
 * LEGO Mindstorms Fantom Drivers
 * PyObjC and PyObjC-Cocoa Python libraries, compiled as Universal Build
   (note, this is not marked as a dependency by MacPorts)

Requirements (Windows)
[TBD, not tested yet]
 * Python >= 2.6
 * LEGO Mindstorms Fantom Drivers


If you're installing using the source package, first extract the source package, then:

# python setup.py install

inside the package directory. This should be run as root (or use sudo)

Running pyfantom on Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks (10.9)
Some Bluetooth related functions have been deprecated in Mac OS X 
Mountain Lion and newer. This results in old Fantom frameworks encountering 
unresolved symbol errors when attempting to load it into pyfantom.

To fix this problem, please update to Fantom 1.2.0f4. This file is newer
than the version supplied by the Retail EV3 Software ISO. It can be downloaded
from http://education.lego.com/downloads/?q={DC0CE993-6544-45A1-8680-B2A547D1EEB6}
as Fantom Driver for Mac 10.8.