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2020-08-22Borg: use --umask after command for old borg versionsborg-umaskNicolas Schodet
2020-08-22Borg: add UseUmaskNicolas Schodet
2020-08-22Borg: use borg date formater instead of $(date ...)Nicolas Schodet
2020-08-14Revert "merge from concurrent-output"Joey Hess
This reverts commit 162e1d4e82e24f0fe3e2bd3114e4366ddb1062c0. concurrent-output depends on process-1.6.0. Older versions of process have a bug that it tickles. But, propellor does not depend on this version of process.
2020-08-14remove redundant importJoey Hess
new ghc is better at spotting these
2020-08-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'nicolas/borg-fixes'Joey Hess
2020-08-10Borg: handle old borg versions and issue a warning if no archive is foundborg-fixesNicolas Schodet
The --last and --glob-archive options need borg version 1.1. Stop using these options and do the filtering in haskell. This had the side benefit of having better checkpoint filtering. Also issue a warning in case no archive is found.
2020-08-10Borg: fix restorationNicolas Schodet
When using borg extract, the result is extracted in the current directory. Also an archive name must be provided, so use the latest archive.
2020-08-10Borg.init: add the now required encryption type parameterNicolas Schodet
The encryption type is now a required parameter when creating a repository. Unless you use no encryption, you must provide the repository passphrase, for example: withPrivData (Password "backups") (Context "borg") $ \getdata -> property' "borg repo" $ \w -> getdata $ \privdata -> ensureProperty w $ Borg.init (Borg.BorgRepoUsing [Borg.UsesEnvVar ("BORG_PASSPHRASE", privDataVal privdata)] "/path/to/backups") Borg.BorgEncKeyfile
2020-07-04improve horrible lstree parserJoey Hess
2020-07-04more quotingJoey Hess
2020-07-04better approach for finding hub port that works when port is powered offJoey Hess
2020-07-04Revert "be robust against hub location id changes"Joey Hess
This reverts commit 70e503e724c3c8cb4312cd128535afc1e06c84a8. Bad approach because the device vendor and id are not visible when the port is turned off.
2020-07-04one moreJoey Hess
2020-07-04more fixquotingJoey Hess
2020-07-04fix shell quotingJoey Hess
2020-07-04be robust against hub location id changesJoey Hess
2020-06-21comment typoJoey Hess
2020-06-18simplify update of propellor binJoey Hess
propellor won't be a symlink to propellor.built, instead the latter is renamed over the former, atomically. If something somehow depends on propellor being a symlink, this will break it, but I don't think anything should.
2020-06-18fix one more hardcoded dist/ pathJoey Hess
Refactored the cabal exec code to reuse it here. Had to change the location of propellor.built too, so put it in the top of the propellor repo, rather than in dist. This seems like it could be simpler. Why does propellor need to symlink to propellor.built? Why not copy to a temp file, and atomically rename it to propellor? It seems possible that something could depend on it being a symlink, but I don't know what. Adding to my confusion, there's the comment about cp -pfRL and timestamp checking. What timestamp checking? The commit adding the comment didn't change anything else, and I can't find any now or then. This commit was sponsored by Jack Hill on Patreon.
2020-06-18remove outdated noteJoey Hess
2020-06-18stop using dist/setup-config as indication propellor is configuredJoey Hess
cabal is changing to new-dist, and does not write setup-config in the same place. Instead, use a top-level "configured" stamp file. Same as the Makefile does now. This will lead to one extra run of cabal configure on each host, in order to get the new stamp file written. This commit was sponsored by Jochen Bartl on Patreon.
2020-06-18use cabal exec to find path of propellor binaryJoey Hess
This turns out to be much faster than cabal install, which does unnecessary rebuilds and other work ( This commit was sponsored by Jack Hill on Patreon.
2020-06-18tail the dist-newstyle findJoey Hess
Unfortunately builds for previous versions can linger in there. Which may be a cruft accumulation problem generally, but for now I don't want it to fail if more than one is found. Assuming that the last item in the find will be the newest. This commit was sponsored by Brock Spratlen on Patreon.
2020-06-17Support bootstrapping to hosts using cabal 3.x, with new-dist directory.Joey Hess
* Support bootstrapping to hosts using cabal 3.x, with new-dist directory. * Makefile: Fix build with cabal 3.x. This assumes that, once a new-dist directory is created, the host won't revert back to using dist. So it always prefers binaries from new-dist over dist. This commit was sponsored by LND on Patreon.
2020-06-10merge from concurrent-outputJoey Hess
This includes e6d4139e15b3a52f4a60178bb7d15ba96f191340 which I hope fixes the reversion that has been plaguing propellor when trying to use more recent versions of concurrent-output. Embedding it will let me test, and also it will be years until that fix is widely enough available to depend on it.
2020-06-10Revert "Added dependency on concurrent-output; removed embedded copy."Joey Hess
This reverts commit dbd3ba3400a3097498252097540ffe8075b00833. Still has the same problem as in 2018!
2020-06-10add concurrent-output apt depJoey Hess
I don't know if the other distros have a package.
2020-06-10Added dependency on concurrent-output; removed embedded copy.Joey Hess
Trying again what failed in 2018 (commit 02eca2ae4cf51d8e83d94d8359e15ac053451109). I hope the problem was a broken old version of concurrent-output and that it will be ok now. This commit was sponsored by Denis Dzyubenko on Patreon.
2020-06-05fix buildJoey Hess
2020-06-05fix bad merge of Utility.Process.Shim from git-annexJoey Hess
Fixes display of concurrent output from processes when using Propellor.Property.Conductor. (Reversion introduced in version 5.5.0.) Utility.Process.Shim's whole point is to let propellor differ from git-annex here, but I forgot and copied over git-annex's version.
2020-05-01Apt.buildDepIn: Run build-dep command in a temporary directory, since it may ↵Joey Hess
sometimes not clean up all the files it creates.
2020-05-01Merge branch 'master' into joeyconfigJoey Hess
2020-04-06propellor spinJoey Hess
2020-04-02-v is version not vendorJoey Hess
2020-04-02automount passportJoey Hess
2020-04-02--location does not work with all versions, use -lJoey Hess
2020-04-01specify which hub as there are two connected nowJoey Hess
2020-03-05Add haskell-type-errors package on Arch LinuxRobin Munn
2020-02-25Allow building with GHC 8.8Robin Munn
2020-02-16Merge branch 'joeyconfig'Joey Hess
2020-02-16Fix typo in Arch Linux dependenciesRobin Munn
2020-02-14add my user ssh key on honeybeeJoey Hess
2020-02-14Merge branch 'joeyconfig'Joey Hess
2020-02-14add back old keys for branchableJoey Hess
Otherwise ssh servers that only know of the old keys will complain of MITM
2020-02-14remove deprecated ssh key algos from my personal configsJoey Hess
DSA is entirely deprecated, while RSA is just starting to be deprecated Generated and added new keys as necessary. Still a few stragglers on machines I can't currently access (sow and beaver).
2019-11-15Merge branch 'joeyconfig'Joey Hess
2019-11-13improve haddocksJoey Hess
particularly, remove @conf@ reference as that variable name is not visible in the haddock docs unless source is viewed. Also tightened up the language and linkified more, and fixed a typo in the name of Debootstrapped.
2019-11-13remove horizontal alignmentJoey Hess
2019-11-13minor style tweakJoey Hess
I'm not fond of the foo . bar $ v construct, not entirely sure why.