path: root/src/Propellor/Property/Libvirt.hs
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-15Libvirt.installed: install libvirt-daemon-systemDavid Bremner
2019-01-20fix Libvirt.hs haddock buildSean Whitton
2019-01-20Revert "propellor: fix haddock markup in Propellor.Property.Libvirt"Joey Hess
2019-01-20propellor: fix haddock markup in Propellor.Property.LibvirtSergei Trofimovich
2018-11-10avoid passing an empty arg when the OS variant is unknown, tooSean Whitton
2018-11-10fix generated virt-install(1) call when NoAutoStartSean Whitton
2018-11-10Libvirt.defined: use DiskImage.imageChrootNotPresentSean Whitton
2018-11-10define the VM without using a shell scriptSean Whitton
2018-11-10Libvirt.defaultNetworkAutostarted additionally starts the networkSean Whitton
2018-11-10rewrite code to start the VM to not use a shell scriptSean Whitton
2018-11-10refactor to reduce parenthesesSean Whitton
2018-11-10add virshGetColumnsSean Whitton
2018-11-09whitespace fixesSean Whitton
2018-11-09note that --os-variant is optionalSean Whitton
2018-11-09specify many more --os-variant valuesSean Whitton
2018-11-09stop passing --os-type to virt-installSean Whitton
2018-11-09kvmDefined -> definedSean Whitton
2018-11-09comment out the QCow2 constructor until that's implementedSean Whitton
2018-11-09newtypes for NumVCPUs and MiBMemorySean Whitton
2018-11-05libvirt: fix unconditional autostartSean Whitton
2018-11-05libvirt: don't try to start running VMSean Whitton
2018-11-05libvirt: fix exporting type aliasesSean Whitton
2018-11-05fix inverted logicSean Whitton
2018-11-05libvirt: don't try to nuke if it is already nukedSean Whitton
2018-11-05add missing spaces to two of the arguments to virt-installSean Whitton
2018-11-05fix extension of raw imageSean Whitton
2018-11-05libvirt: export data typesSean Whitton
2018-11-05Libvirt: fix a typeSean Whitton
2018-11-05Libvirt: docs inc. sample usageSean Whitton
2018-11-05Libvirt.defaultNetworkAutostarted requires libvirt installedSean Whitton
2018-11-05start work on libvirt moduleSean Whitton