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2019-04-08change from inChroot to granular container capabilities infoJoey Hess
2018-08-19Split mailname property out of Hostname.saneJoey Hess
2017-05-15Removed dependency on MissingH, instead depends on split and hashable.Joey Hess
2016-03-26ported dockerJoey Hess
2015-12-06only write /etc/hosts once, avoiding always returning MadeChangeJoey Hess
2015-12-05UncheckedProperty for cmdProperty et alJoey Hess
2015-10-23commentsJoey Hess
2015-10-23Hostname.sane and Hostname.setTo can now safely be used as a property of a ch...Joey Hess
2015-10-23HostName: Improve domain extraction code.Joey Hess
2015-10-10propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-01-24GADT properties seem to work (untested)Joey Hess
2014-12-09improve haddock formating of filenamesJoey Hess
2014-11-18fix haddock filename displayJoey Hess
2014-07-18propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-07-18propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-07-06propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-07-06propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-07-06Hostname.sane now cleans up the localhost line in /etc/hosts, to av...Joey Hess
2014-06-09Attr is renamed to Info.Joey Hess
2014-05-31simplified record accessorsJoey Hess
2014-05-19hostname setting is trivial propertyJoey Hess
2014-05-19propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-05-19Ensure that kernel hostname is same as /etc/hostname when configuring hostname.Joey Hess
2014-05-14moved source code to srcJoey Hess