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2018-08-20Removed HostingProvider.CloudatCost module as it lacks a maintainerJoey Hess
(If anyone would like to maintain it, send a patch adding it back.) (API change)
2018-08-19Split mailname property out of Hostname.saneJoey Hess
Since bad mailname guesses can lead to ugly surprises. (API change) Kept it in the Hostname module for easy discoverability, and similar to Hostname.searchDomain it sets a value based on the hostname so makes sense to keep it in that module. Didn't implement the mailname equivilant of Hostname.setTo, because it's trivial to write the mailname file with a custom value if desired. This commit was sponsored by John Pellman on Patreon.
2018-07-11two unmaintained modulesJoey Hess
2016-03-26ported dockerJoey Hess
Also, implemented modifyHostProps to add properties to an existing host. Using it bypasses some type safety. Its use in docker is safe though. But, in Conductor, the use of it was not really safe, because it was used with a DebianLike property. Fixed that by making Ssh.installed target all unix's, although it will fail on non-DebianLike ones.
2015-12-30shell script copied into bin dir by their provisioning scriptJoey Hess
2015-12-05UncheckedProperty for cmdProperty et alJoey Hess
* Properties that run an arbitrary command, such as cmdProperty and scriptProperty are converted to use UncheckedProperty, since they cannot tell on their own if the command truely made a change or not. (API Change) Transition guide: - When GHC complains about an UncheckedProperty, add: `assume` MadeChange - Since these properties used to always return MadeChange, that change is always safe to make. - Or, if you know that the command should modifiy a file, use: `changesFile` filename * A few properties have had their Result improved, for example Apt.buldDep and Apt.autoRemove now check if a change was made or not.
2015-10-10propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-04-22API change: Added User and Group newtypes, and Properties that used to use ↵Joey Hess
the type UserName = String were changed to use them. Note that UserName is kept and PrivData still uses it in its sum type. This is to avoid breaking PrivData serialization.
2015-01-24GADT properties seem to work (untested)Joey Hess
* Property has been converted to a GADT, and will be Property NoInfo or Property HasInfo. This was done to make sure that ensureProperty is only used on properties that do not have Info. Transition guide: - Change all "Property" to "Property NoInfo" or "Property WithInfo" (The compiler can tell you if you got it wrong!) - To construct a RevertableProperty, it is useful to use the new (<!>) operator - Constructing a list of properties can be problimatic, since Property NoInto and Property WithInfo are different types and cannot appear in the same list. To deal with this, "props" has been added, and can built up a list of properties of different types, using the same (&) and (!) operators that are used to build up a host's properties.
2015-01-04cleanupJoey Hess
2015-01-04randomHostKeys is removed from CloudAtCost.deCruft.Joey Hess
2015-01-01more cruft from new imageJoey Hess
2014-05-23propellor spinJoey Hess