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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-25fix build warningsJoey Hess
2017-10-19Use isUnpopulated when creating a chroot or restoring a backupignore-lost-n-foundNicolas Schodet
2016-04-28Fix build with directory- Hess
2015-12-19Clean build with ghc 7.10.Joey Hess
2015-10-20Chroot: Converted to use a ChrootBootstrapper type classJoey Hess
2015-09-02propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-09-01removal of chroot on disk image rebuildJoey Hess
2014-12-04more work on OS takeoverJoey Hess
2014-11-22propellor spinJoey Hess