path: root/src/Propellor/Property/Attic.hs
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-19Use isUnpopulated when creating a chroot or restoring a backupignore-lost-n-foundNicolas Schodet
2017-08-25Attic: Fix broken shell escaping in attic cron job.Joey Hess
2017-08-22deprecate attic and obnamJoey Hess
2017-02-26use val instead of showJoey Hess
2016-05-17add descriptionsJoey Hess
2016-04-29Attic: add commentsFélix Sipma
2016-04-29Attic: use/adapt restored from ObnamFélix Sipma
2016-04-28Attic: 'restored' and 'backup' only take one directory (API change)Félix Sipma
2016-04-23Attic: do not run prune if no KeepPolicy is specifiedFélix Sipma
2016-04-23added AtticRepo type aliasJoey Hess
2016-04-22Attic: add KeepPolicyFélix Sipma
2016-04-22Attic: add init, restored, and propellor 3.0 supportFélix Sipma
2016-04-22Attic: use "attic" instead of "/usr/bin/attic"Félix Sipma
2016-04-22add Attic propertyFélix Sipma