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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-21avoid backtrace from already running on this host messageJoey Hess
2017-09-01Make lock file descriptors close-on-exec.Joey Hess
2017-07-05avoid buffering container chain outputJoey Hess
2017-03-15Property types changed to use a Maybe (Propellor Result). (API change)Joey Hess
2016-04-28Fix build with directory- Hess
2016-03-27improve haddocks and move code around to make them more clearJoey Hess
2016-03-25rename toProp to toChildPropertiesJoey Hess
2016-03-25ported mainPropertiesJoey Hess
2016-03-25ported Property.ListJoey Hess
2016-03-06move backJoey Hess
2016-03-06propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-12-19Clean build with ghc 7.10.Joey Hess
2015-10-27make Propellor.Message use lock to handle concurrent threads outputting messagesJoey Hess
2015-10-27use a shared global for the MessageHandleJoey Hess
2015-10-24simpliftJoey Hess
2015-10-17use Info to detect controller loopsJoey Hess
2015-10-16improve ssh user key propertiesJoey Hess
2015-10-16Added Propellor.Property.Spin, which can be used to make a host be a controll...Joey Hess
2015-10-10propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-04-29propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-01-24GADT properties seem to work (untested)Joey Hess
2015-01-24moving to using the GADTJoey Hess
2015-01-24added GADT to determine between a property with info and withoutJoey Hess
2015-01-19add back a warning aboit info propigation to ensurePropertyJoey Hess
2015-01-19split out types to improve haddock for Propellor.TypesJoey Hess
2015-01-18Property treeJoey Hess
2015-01-04sshPubKey is renamed to Ssh.pubKeyJoey Hess
2014-12-21Revert ensureProperty warning message, too many false positives in places whe...Joey Hess
2014-12-21propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-12-07Display a warning when ensureProperty is used on a property which has Info an...Joey Hess
2014-12-07docuemnt info propigtion problemJoey Hess
2014-12-06Reboot.atEndJoey Hess
2014-12-06endAction can be used to register an action to run once propellor has success...Joey Hess
2014-11-27added more debuggingJoey Hess
2014-11-27propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-11-22propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-11-21avoid setting title when not at consoleJoey Hess
2014-11-21show last line if it cannot be parsed as a serialized ResultJoey Hess
2014-11-20propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-11-20propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-11-19prevent multiple concurrent provisioning inside docker containerJoey Hess
2014-07-23propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-07-23propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-07-23propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-06-09Attr is renamed to Info.Joey Hess
2014-05-31simplified record accessorsJoey Hess
2014-05-31got rid of the Attr -> Attr SetAttr hack, and use monoids for AttrJoey Hess
2014-05-31propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-05-31propellor spinJoey Hess
2014-05-31remove now redundant _hostname field of AttrJoey Hess