path: root/src/Propellor/Bootstrap.hs
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-05Add haskell-type-errors package on Arch LinuxRobin Munn
2020-02-16Fix typo in Arch Linux dependenciesRobin Munn
2018-12-04libghc-stm-dev package won't be in new versions of debianJoey Hess
2018-10-23src: Update Propellor.Bootstrap.cabalBuild.rsiddharth
2018-06-03remove wheezy referenceJoey Hess
2018-04-30Revert "Added dependency on concurrent-output; removed embedded copy."Joey Hess
2018-04-23Added dependency on concurrent-output; removed embedded copy.Joey Hess
2017-11-17another -j1Joey Hess
2017-11-17run cabal build with -j1Joey Hess
2017-10-04get deps back in syncJoey Hess
2017-08-23Add Typeable instance to Bootstrapper, fixing build with old versions of ghc....Joey Hess
2017-07-25Add Typeable instance to Bootstrapper, fixing build with old versions of ghc.Joey Hess
2017-07-13fix typo in build pathJoey Hess
2017-07-13use stack build --dry-run to check if deps are installedJoey Hess
2017-07-12add bootstrapWith property to support stack and moreJoey Hess
2017-07-04Bootstrap.bootstrappedFrom: Fix bug that caused propellor to only be built fr...Joey Hess
2017-05-15Removed dependency on MissingH, instead depends on split and hashable.Joey Hess
2017-04-09avoid "sh: 1: git: not found" before auto-install of gitJoey Hess
2017-03-08Remove make from propellor's dependency listJoey Hess
2017-02-03Bootstrap using PacmanZihao Wang
2016-06-13add DebianKernel datatypeFĂ©lix Sipma
2016-04-05propellor spinJoey Hess
2016-04-02Stack support.Joey Hess
2016-03-30apt install propellor dependencies more quietlyJoey Hess
2016-03-30When new dependencies are added to propellor or the propellor config, try har...Joey Hess
2016-03-30add hs-concurrent-output to freebsd depsJoey Hess
2016-03-27add dep on concurrent-output, and re-enable -O0Joey Hess
2016-03-09Speed up propellor's build of itself, by asking cabal to only build the prope...Joey Hess
2016-03-08fix reversion in bootstrap spin of system with no declared OSJoey Hess
2016-03-07make Cron.runPropellor pass System to bootstrapPropellorCommandJoey Hess
2016-03-07refactorJoey Hess
2016-03-07indentsJoey Hess
2016-03-07unnecessary parensJoey Hess
2016-03-07fix checkBinaryCommandJoey Hess
2016-03-07fix indentJoey Hess
2016-03-07FreeBSD Support including:Evan Cofsky
2015-12-30Bootstrap apt-get installs run with deconf noninteractive frontend.Joey Hess
2015-11-17Removed the (unused) dependency on quickcheck.Joey Hess
2015-10-29generalize what can be outputJoey Hess
2015-10-28fix bad MVar use, use STMJoey Hess
2015-10-10propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-09-30force copy when destination existsJoey Hess
2015-09-25propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-09-25Guard against power loss etc when building propellor, by updating the executa...Joey Hess
2015-08-12Make sure that make is installed when bootstrapping propellor.Joey Hess
2015-05-27Export CommandParam, boolSystem, safeSystem and shellEscape from Propellor.Pr...Joey Hess
2015-04-29avoid checking build deps if cabal configures okJoey Hess
2015-04-29Ensure build deps are installed before building propellor in --spin and cron ...Joey Hess
2015-04-29propellor spinJoey Hess
2015-04-02/dev/null any error from propellor --checkJoey Hess