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* Hosts can be configured to build propellor using stack, by adding a property: & bootstrapWith (Robustly Stack) * Hosts can be configured to build propellor using cabal, but using only packages installed from the operating system. This will work on eg Debian: & bootstrapWith OSOnly propellor build its config using stack. (This does not affect how propellor is bootstrapped on a host by "propellor --spin host".) This has not yet been tested at all! But should probably work fine. This is based on earlier work by Arnaud Bailly, who made Propellor.Bootstrap use stack without parameterization. In Arnaud's patch, stack was installed using wget, but that only worked on linux-x86_64 and was insecure. I instead chose to use the distribution packages of stack, like is done for cabal. Debian stack has haskell-stack now, and it's getting into many distributions. This commit was sponsored by Francois Marier on Patreon.
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Configure git to use the gpg key in --add-key, otherwise commit -S will look for a key matching the configured email and if it doesn't find one, will fail.
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