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2018-02-27avoid partial commit during merge problemJoey Hess
git can commit in a post-merge hook, but for some reason only supports committing all staged files, not only some.
2018-02-04Last release mistakenly contained my personal branch not master.Joey Hess
* Last release mistakenly contained my personal branch not master. * contrib/post-merge-hook documentation updated to recommend also using it as a post-checkout hook, to avoid such problems.
2016-03-07privdata/relocateJoey Hess
better than symlinks because this way no conflict can ever occur and, commit from hook
2016-03-07got tired of needing to cherry-pick changes into joeyconfig, wrote a hookJoey Hess
So, when I merge some branch into joeyconfig, config.hs will automatically be updated to point to joeyconfig.hs again, even if the merge changes it. And, when I merge joeyconfig into master, config.hs will be pointed back to config-simple.hs This may also be useful for others who maintain a branch like joeyconfig.