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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+ date="2019-11-11T17:26:24Z"
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+I think LetsEncrypt's use of Domain is intentional; a certificate is for a
+domain and you can't get one for eg a bare IP address or an unqualified
+AFAICS, Domain is a FQDN.
+(Propellor.Property.Hostname has to deal with details of /etc/hosts,
+but it does not actually use the Domain type anywhere.)
+More generally, it's common for a propellor module to have some
+`type Foo = String` that's only used to make parameters more self-documenting
+and doesn't have any particular meaning beyond whatever string a Property might
+use. One shouldn't worry if two modules have data types that seem to
+overlap in content when that's all they're used for. Of course it's nicer to
+have less stringy data types, via ADTs or smart constructors, when possible.