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I think that this works fine on stretch, but on Jessie there is some oddness. For example, if you set the timezone of a host to `US/Arizona`, the apt reconfiguration will put `America/Phoenix` in /etc/timezone, resulting in the property reporting a change every time that it is run. I think this is harmless.
+> [[merged|done]] --[[Joey]]
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+I generally consider properties that do work every time to be a minor bug.
+I wonder if it would be better to preseed tzdata rather than writing the
+config file. I observe the same substitution from eg, US/Eastern to
+America/New_York in the file when reconfiguring noninteractively,
+but reconfiguring interactively I can select US/Eastern and that gets
+into the file.
+Anyway, merged as this is certianly a good starting point.