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+I am checking out propellor to determine if it can make it easier to maintain a few personal machines. With no prior knowledge of Haskell, that may be a futile attempt.
+I am trying to understand [the Propellor.Property.Mount documentation]( and particularly how I would need to write the equivalent of
+ mount -t nfs /mnt/nfs
+I tried putting
+ & Mount.mounted
+ "nfs" "" "/mnt/nfs" ["defaults"]
+in config.hs, but that results in
+ Couldn't match expected type ‘Mount.MountOpts’
+ with actual type ‘[[Char]]’
+ In the fourth argument of ‘Mount.mounted’, namely ‘["defaults"]’
+ In the second argument of ‘(&)’, namely
+ ‘Mount.mounted
+ "nfs" "" "/mnt/nfs" ["defaults"]’