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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+ date="2016-03-25T20:39:29Z"
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+What's going on here is propellor has asked ssh to use that as a socket,
+but unix has a hoary old limit on the length of filenames to unix domain
+sockets -- something around 100 characters max depending on the OS (108 on
+linux I believe).
+40 characters of that budget is used up by the somewhat long HOME path, 17
+characters are tacked on by ssh (for no really good reason given the
+limited budget). This leaves propellor 57 characters to make a unique
+socket name that's not too ugly, but it decided to put the whole hostname
+in there, which blows past the budget in this case.
+So, I have changed the code to try to respect the budget while still coming
+up with the best filename it can.
+So in your case the new path will be something like
+-- 91 bytes, so under the limit.
+If someone has HOME set to something longer than ~60 characters,
+propellor will still break. Since the socket file has to be at a
+stable location, and so more or less needs to live under HOME, it's hard to
+avoid the problem entirely.
+I did consider moving the sockets to /tmp to avoid HOME length causing a
+problem, but then other users on the system could DOS propellor by creating
+the directory in /tmp, which would at best make it fall back to not using
+the ssh socket and so asking repeatedly for passwords.