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I can't see any docker-engine package in any version of Debian. Unstable
-still has a, though testing does not. It looks like perhaps
-docker was not included in the last stable release, though I am not sure.
+still has a, though testing does not (update: it does now; the
+docker package also recently got updated to a more current version).
+Docker was not included in the last stable release.
I have not used docker in quite some time. I use systemd-nspawn containers
which are much easier to build and maintain. So, it may make sense to
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+[[!comment format=mdwn
+ username="joey"
+ subject="""comment 2"""
+ date="2018-07-11T16:01:37Z"
+ content="""
+Marked the module as unmaintained. If you would like to take over
+maintanance of it, just send me patches putting your name in the maintainer
+slot etc.