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+[[!comment format=mdwn
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+This is already implemented in propellor, but is currently only used
+when the remote host doesn't have git installed and apt fails to install
+it. I've used it for converting non-Debian systems to Debian eg.
+See Propellor.Spin.sendPrecompiled
+Going beyond what's there now is not a feature I need myself, and not a
+priority for me to implement, but I can help to some extent if you're going
+to work on it.
+Both the controller and host architecture matter of course in determining
+whether it will work. For example, an i386 controller will produce a
+propellor bundle that works on amd64. An amd64 controller's bundle *may*
+work on an i386 host, but only if its hardware and kernel happen to support
+64 bit. The simplest solution I can think of is to send the precompiled
+binary over to the host and check if it runs there before replacing any
+older propellor binary with it.
+The other question is, how to tell propellor when to use this mode. Some
+* --spin --precompiled
+* Add a `precompiled` property to the host that needs precompiled propellor.
+ The property can set Info, which --spin can look at to know if it needs
+ to use sendPrecompiled for this host, without needing --precompiled
+* Could also add a property that says a host is the controller for other
+ hosts. So, anytime propellor is run on the controller host, it
+ automatically spins the other hosts. And if the hosts it's spinning
+ have the `precompiled` property, the controller will honor it.
+These ideas build on each other. I think the last one is best.
+Propellor's cron job will probably fail on a precompiled host, since
+even if it manages to pull changes from the central git repo (unlikely as a
+precompiled propellor currently isn't set up as a git repo), it can't
+locally compile them.
+So, in order to have a centralized repository with precompiled hosts,
+you need a controller that can handle sending the updated builds of
+propellor to them.