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+[[!comment format=mdwn
+ username="joey"
+ subject="""comment 1"""
+ date="2020-07-31T15:11:20Z"
+ content="""
+pull failed
+ joey@darkstar:~/src/propellor>git fetch
+ fatal: Couldn't find remote ref HEAD
+I wonder if perhaps you forgot to run `git update-server-info`?
+Or possibly this is just not an url that actually points to the raw git
+repo, it looks like a gitweb installation and gitweb does not serve git
+repos IIRC.
+Hardcoding `BORG_PASSPHRASE` into a propellor configuration does not seem
+good. It could use `withPrivData` to get the passphrase.
+If `latestArchive` didn't work, it should probably display a
+`warningMessage` rather than just failing with no indication why.
+There is the small problem that borg 1.0.9 is in debian oldstable and if
+someone were using propellor with it, which is supported, the changes
+to extraction would break that. Not as bad as extraction currently being
+broken for everyone with a current version of borg though! But,
+it would be easy to at least detect the old version and refuse to use it to
+restore. Either by borg --version or by using withOS and to match against
+the debian version, like Propellor.Property.Systemd.machined does.