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+I would like to create a systemd container using the --network-bridge option
+to systemd-nspawn and fixed addresses.
+Previously I used lxc containers but I'm afraid adding lxc support is quite a
+large task.
+My previous setup includes:
+ - static ip addresses per container (set using LXC, but
+ /etc/network/interface will do),
+ - different hostname for each of the containers,
+ - configuration of a bind zone for my local container network,
+ - configuration of the firewall using ferm,
+ - proxy from host to containers using nginx.
+If I understand correctly, alias or ipv4 are propagated to the host and are
+not part of the container definition, is that right?
+I am also not sure about the setting of the hostname.
+Do you have some hints about how this could be done?