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+ date="2020-01-04T19:02:08Z"
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+500 mb seems a bit higher than typical; my own config.hs (500 lines)
+needs 416 mb to build, and the example config.hs included in propellor
+needs 245 mb.
+I typically install swapspace on systems with 1 gb or less and it works
+fine. I think the smallest system I've used propellor with was 500 mb.
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+Hi Joey,
+thank you for the feedback. I'm glad to know it is supposed to work in those cases.
+It seems freedombox uses btrfs and swapfiles do not work on btrfs partitions. I thus tried with zram (apt get install zram-tools, which set up a 256 MiB swap).
+I could then run propellor --spin to the server, it passed.
+Then I rm -rf /usr/local/propellor on server and ran propellor --spin again.
+The build passed again (it took ~75 minute and at some point ghc took 570MiB but it succeedded).
+I'm back on track, thank you again!