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+ username="joey"
+ subject="""comment 2"""
+ date="2019-04-16T18:18:55Z"
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+Sure, look at how `Container` is defined:
+ data Container = Container MachineName Chroot.Chroot Host
+Getting a Host out of that is easy. :)
+ getContainerHost (Container _ _ h) = h
+(Has to be put inside the Systemd module as it does not export the
+Container constructor.)
+That's specific to systemd containers, other container systems
+have different data types. Here's the one from the Docker module:
+ data Container = Container Image Host
+If you wanted to you could even make a type class that these and other
+containers are part of, with a method to extract the Host. I would be happy
+to merge such a patch.
+And yeah, this seems like a good way around wanting to get otherwise
+unpropigated info out of containers. It's worth noting that the Host
+inside a systemd Container has as its hostname the MachineName used
+for the container.