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@@ -8,4 +8,9 @@ Edit ~/.propellor/config.hs to configure it.
Note that upgrading the propellor package will not update your
~/.propellor/ repository. You can `git pull upstream` in your repository to
-update to the current upstream.
+update to the current upstream source, as distributed in the Debian
+Older versions of propellor set the upstream remote to
+point to a repository on github, so if you used one of them, you may want
+to change it to point to the new location, /usr/src/propellor/
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propellor (0.8.3) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
+ * The Debian package now includes a single-revision git repository in
+ /usr/src/propellor/, and ~/.propellor/ is set up to use this repository as
+ its "upstream" remote. This avoids relying on the security of the github
+ repository when using the Debian package.
* Included the config.hs symlink to config-simple.hs in the cabal and Debian
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@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Section: admin
Priority: optional
debhelper (>= 9),
+ git,
ghc (>= 7.4),